Artist Statement

The Patina of Time – A Transformation

Through my art, I share the beauty I see in objects that might otherwise escape notice. I’m inspired by a mysterious antique tool, its purpose long forgotten and the purity of a tiny sun bleached bone peeking from the sand. By incorporating these elements into my work, I am able to honor nature and our own evolution while telling new stories.

My love of collecting sends me on voyages of discovery, seeking relics from the past to create stories for the future. Whether I’m exploring the desert, a flea market or the dust laden back rooms of an antique shop, the excitement of discovery drives my quest. Be it flora, fauna or manmade objects transformed by the patina of time, my finds take on new life in my intricate shadowbox dioramas and assemblages. My work is often a humorous reflection on the realities of life. If the feeling and memories that guide my compositions evoke feeling and memories in others, thatʼs magic enough for me.

Artist’s Statement

I am always looking for ancient relics left by those who came before whether on two or four legs. If you have a treasure for me, I will gladly accept them joyously.