My collecting addiction began on weekend camping trips in the vast wilderness of Wyoming. My fondest memories from childhood are of my dad driving long dusty dirt roads–a can of Budweiser nestled between his legs and a cigarette dangling from his lips. My brothers and I spent our days searching for treasure, then sharing our finds around the glow of a campfire. Bringing those found objects back to Denver was my way of holding on to the magic of the weekend. My nick knack shelves became reliquaries of a world I treasured. Rearranging them each time I dusted turned a chore into a favorite game. In this way I learned to respect nature, preserve its beauty and honor the natural course of time.

In 2000 I created my first piece of art; an old rusted sardine can with a dried aquarium fish, which led to my “They Call it Guppy Love” series. Being a self taught artist has as many obstacles as benefits. Like all assemblage artists, I have to learn to think backwards. For once, being dyslectic actually helps. Today Iʼm the happiest when Iʼm in my Santa Fe studio, tweezers and a straight pin in hand, articulating a tiny skeleton. Like my childhood nick knack shelves, my labor intensive one-of-a-kind art is my way of creating a new world, telling a story and honoring the past.

Kawana Edwards Biography

My biography always changes as I add on to my life, my art and my experiences. Stay tuned.